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Ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments.
Waters up to 25m of veg patch or flower beds.

Quick and easy to set up.

Durable heavy duty Micro-Porous Hose with Dupont™ Tyvek® internal

core and protective jacket.

Includes 2 Connector Kits.

Micro-Porous Hose Kit Contents

25m Roll Micro-Porous Hose, 2 Lengths 6mm pipe

lrrigatia Micro-Porous Hose is made of 3 components

1.  An inner core which provides a channel for water flow even if the hose is buried or kinked.

2.  A protective outer layer

3. A Micro-Porous membrane which controls water emission. The pores are so small that very little water will pass through unless there is some back pressure. This means that the whole Micro-Porous Hose fills before water is emitted and that ii is then evenly emitted along the whole length.

  1. 25 m Micro-Porous Hose
  2. 2 O rings
  3. 2 connector cone
  4. 2 lengths 6 mm black pipe
  5. 2 6-4 mm adaptors
  6. 4 cable ties
  7. 6 stakes
  8. 2 6 mm  pipe to pipe connectors

Assembling the Micro porous hose




Irrigation layout


Micro-Porous Hose will water 8m2 at full rate men attached to a SOL-C24 or half rate with a SOL-C12. It will water a strip approx 33cm wide (depending on soil type) and can be used:


•  In one continuous length or a number of shorter lengths. SOL-C12 up to 12m -SOL-C24 up to 24m. Single runs are ideal for rows, whilst multiple rows or zigzag pattern) are ideal for beds.

•  On the surface, covered in mulch or buried in the soil.

•  Curved or straight.

Micro-porous tube works better if it is always full of water. For this reason it is better when laid lower than the water source and when the anti-siphon is not installed.

When laying Micro-Porous Hose care should be taken to:


Lay it level. On slopes Hose can be laid along contours and where multiple Hoses at different heights are needed, lengths of Micro-Porous Hose 2m long can be attached to standard lrrigatia drippers, using a short piece of tube between the dripper and the connector. Individual lengths should be level but there can be up to 2m difference in height between the lowest and highest Micro-Porous Hose. 4m lengths can be fed by a dripper at each end. Please remember that only 2 connector kits are included. For short lengths you may want to consider using the Seephose Extension Kit instead.


• Use the wire stakes supplied to fix in place.

•  Care should be taken not to damage the Micro-Porous Hose during cultivations.

 Ideally "no dig" systems should be used, but where this is not possible, either keep the Hose visible or bury it below cultivation depth.

The Micro-Porous Hose can be left in place over winter.

How does the Micro-Porous Hose works ?


The Micro-Porous Hose is made of a "micro-porous" material called DuPont Tyvek® which has microscopic "pores" similar to that of human skin.  These pores allow tiny droplets of water to seap through the walls of the tube when it is under mild pressure (much less than the pressure of a garden hose, or less than 5psi). The pores are just twice the size of a single molecule of water (0.14 Microns to be exact).  Because they are so small, most bacteria and other solids are filtered out of the water without ever clogging, while it sweats purified water to the roots of your plants.  At the end of each growing season, simply unplug the end of the tube, and the buildup is easily flushed out, simple as that.

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